C&N ♥ Toms

We know what you’re thinking. It’s been FOREVER since we last did a blog post. Between traveling and moving house, well let’s just say we’ve been busy bees!

Anyway, it matters not… because we’re back! YAY! And on this blog post, we’d like to openly declare our love for……. TOMS! Not only are they cute, they’re also super comfy and trust us they’ve been tried and tested.

We both like floral pattern as you can see from the picture below.

We went exploring behind Hong Kong Street  and found awesome backdrop for our blog shoot. Here’s Carmen taking a break in her Alice and Olivia leather mini skirt, which is super adorable and comfy. We’re also loving her laser-cut grey leather bag by a Taiwanese designer Jamei Chen. Oh and also Carmen’s versatile necklace by Ivanka Trump jewelry.

The picture below is one of our favorite shots of all, because not only did we spot the blue building that perfectly matched Natasha’s top, but a blue car just happened to be driving by at that exact moment. Sigh. Serendipitous indeed. We vaguely remember the driver giving us  thumbs up as he drove away. We’re glad he gave us his seal of approval. :)

Natasha is wearing a skirt from H&M, Chanel tote bag which can pretty much fit her whole life in because of its size and a silk top by Bysi (which has been in her wardrobe forever!).


There you have it. We hope this post shows how versatile TOMS shoes are and the fact that the shoes can survive Singapore’s heat and humidity? That totally scored brownie points from us.

Japanese hair salon Covo, an awesome little hidden gem on Keong Saik Road!

NEWSFLASH! Natasha has found her favorite hair salon in Singapore and that is  a HUGE deal. Why? Firstly, she’s Indonesian. Many Indonesian women are obsessed with their hair. Like, obsessed. Secondly, she has had plenty of hair mishaps in Singapore – the kind she chose to bury deep inside her long-term memory bank. There have been emergency weekend trips to Jakarta because she had to save whatever was left to be saved of her tragic hair. Thirdly, the salon is not located in a mall, it’s located on one of Singapore’s hippest streets, Keong Saik Road. YAY! That means we can avoid that little impromptu “window shopping” moments that end up in “I have to buy these shoes, because they go perfectly with my new hair!”. And lastly, it’s Japanese. Who doesn’t like anything and everything Japanese? We do!

The name of this great hidden gem is Covo. If you can’t find it, look for the bright neon orange door with the writing KjStudio on top, which by the way is also owned by Covo. If you still can’t find it, then look for Potatohead because it’s approximately across the road from it.

You now know where to go if you’re having a super bad hair day, yet you’re heading out for a date night or dinner and drinks with your girlfriends. Pop by Covo for a quick blow dry and out you go to enjoy some yummy cocktails and dinner. Lucky for you they close at 8 pm!


IMG_2876Natasha loves the sleek and minimalist décor of this Japanese hair salon. No frills, yet speaks volume in quality.

IMG_3720Natasha went for a quick wash and blow dry and specifically requested for Covo’s senior hair stylist, Asako, because she’s amazing (not to mention pretty). She went to Covo two weeks ago to try out Ombre hair and loved the result!

She did it with such care and precision, not to mention the service quality in Covo is amazing. You don’t often get quality and great service at the same time, but Natasha’s experience at Covo was a really great one.

After having her hair washed, Asako asked if she can massage Natasha’s neck and shoulders. Seriously? I think she may have said yes a little too enthusiastically.

IMG_3587Feeling sheepish, Natasha apologized for having such big thick hair. To which, Asako laughed and said “don’t worry, you have beautiful hair” (thank you Asako, you sure know how to make a girl happy).

IMG_3719After air drying Natasha’s hair, she took out the most powerful straightening iron she could find (okay that part we made up), and straightened the crap out of Natasha’s frizzy, stubborn hair.


IMG_3610-0Then Natasha can finally breathe a sigh of huge relief, because her hair eventually became super decent as Asako showed her skills with the curling iron.


And voila! Awesome hair!!IMG_3716

IMG_3711-0Here’s some exciting news for our lovely readers!  From 3 February to 3 March, you can get a blow dry for $25 (u.p. $35), 20% off Covo hair services for first timers (applicable on service only, not on Covo product purchases). Simply say Carmen and Natasha to get the discount.


      IMG_3722One more thing worth mentioning is that Covo is currently collaborating with ePloof!  - which is a super cute kids online shop selling high quality toys from around the globe. To all the mamas out there and also to the friends of mamas, the toys make an excellent gift idea. It’s definitely worth checking out!

COVO Hair Salon, 43 Keong Saik Road, Singapore 089147 (Near Outram Park MRT), (+65) 6221 4585, www.covosg.com/english/index.html

Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 9am-8pm, Sat & Sun, PH 10am-7pm

Hong Kong Fashion week: WORLD BOUTIQUE – Carmen’s favourite picks


World Boutique runs alongside the HK Trade Development Council’s Hong Kong Fashion Week for Fall/Winter. These two fashion fairs draw HUGE numbers of buyers from all over the world – so Carmen went to check out what all the fuss what about.

Firstly – awesome displays:

BeFunky__DSC0048.jpg BeFunky_Tilt-Shift_2.jpg BeFunky__DSC0063.jpgBeFunky__DSC0113.jpgSecondly: fashion combining tech/electronics? Love it!

BeFunky__DSC0052.jpg BeFunky__DSC0055.jpg Thirdly: local fashion! Hong Kong designers  were also showcased, including Eri and Philip Chu (below):

BeFunky__DSC0056.jpg BeFunky__DSC0058.jpg   Some bigger brand names were also prevalent, including Marc Cain, Zalora, & Shanghai Tang.BeFunky__DSC0066.jpg BeFunky__DSC0067.jpg BeFunky__DSC0068.jpg Lastly – you could also shop at World Boutique! Check out some cool finds below:
  BeFunky__DSC0081.jpg BeFunky__DSC0082.jpg BeFunky__DSC0083.jpg BeFunky__DSC0085.jpg BeFunky__DSC0090.jpg BeFunky__DSC0092.jpg

Overall – a great experience for those who love fashion! It was fun to see what some local designers were up to.  The shopping was OK in the end (there was a serious mish mash of “bargain basement” sellers combined with wedding gowns and designer jewellery… and Carmen did leave empty handed…boo!) but we’d recommend visiting next year’s as the displays were worth seeing for themselves!


Shopping *clearance* event with a good cause in Singapore

A fashion + homewares clearance sale that ALSO supports the Singapore committee for UN Women? Prices starting as low as $5sgd?? Yes please!

The annual “Glamourous Giving” event is back and is considered one of the bestlocal shopping events in Singapore – for those who complain they can’t find any “unique” pieces by local stores or brands, you can’t miss this event with 35 independent local brands attending!

Brands include: Baliza Shop, dragonfly resort wear, From Babou to You, Ginny at Lemonykit, Hola Linda, Inverted Edge, Little Friends by Lamasso, Maissone, Paperbag Princess, Retail Therapy, RIA Menorca, Ribbon and Roses, Shiva Designs Bespoke, Stones that Rock, The Cinnamon Room, The Society of Black Sheep,  Tramma Bags, Triologie, Verandah Living, Veya Designs and White Ginger.

Want to know more about the Singapore Committee for UN Women and all the good work they do? Representatives will be on hand during the event to discuss their work and the benefits of membership.

When: Wednesday 21 January 6-9pm and Thursday 22 January 10am-4pm

Where: Hollandse Club, 22 Campden Park (off Adam Rd), Sg 299814. Plenty of Parking

Getting fit never looked so trendy, thanks to lululemon!

Yoga aficionados and aficionados and gym junkies,  I hope you’re as excited as we are with the opening of lululemon’s first flagship store in Asia and they’ve chosen Singapore to be the first destination!

We’ve been hearing rumors and seeing the sign – okay, we didn’t really see the sign – we walked past the lululemon store at ION Orchard when it was still under construction. :)

Natasha was beyond excited when she got an invitation to take a peek at the 3,700 square feet store, which only officially opens tomorrow. Yes, TOMORROW! Let us warn you, though, Orchard isn’t looking too pretty at the moment with all the last minute Christmas shoppers (no, not us, we’re not one of them. Really!). Natasha’s first encounter with lululemon was a few years back in Melbourne, and Carmen first saw the lululemon store in Sydney. And after we tried on their signature black stretch leggings, we never looked back since.

With aggressive store expansion across Asia – Hong Kong is next on the list – we’re super proud that lululemon chose Singapore to be its first in Asia. lululemon has chosen Singapore as the location for its first store in Asia because of the strong support from the local community. Remember the yoga beat event on Orchard Road held last month? We’ve never seen so many people doing the warrior pose on Orchard Road! The great success showed just how much interest Singaporeans have towards yoga and wellbeing in general. Go Singapore!

Pricewise, it’s definitely not cheap but trust us, their clothes last for ages! the black leggings have been tried and tested. And after numerous downward dogs, gym sessions and countless spins in the washing machine, it still keeps its shape.

We love their sports bra as well, and these are some of Natasha’s favorites:




Gorgeous, right? And these are the legging options currently in store. We’re digging the mesh black ones. They have men’s collection as well, but they’ll only be revealed for the first time tomorrow.




If getting fit is part of your New Year’s resolution, you can start by heading over the lululemon store tomorrow and buy a kickass exercise ensemble. If you’re going to be active and sweaty – be it at the gym, Botanic Gardens or yoga studio – the least you can do is sweat in style! :)


Carmen Natasha

lululemon boutique:

ION Orchard Singapore, #B1-11.

C&N ♥ The colour RED

Carmen & Natasha are seeing red everywhere… and no, that’s not because people are being exceptionally annoying during *the most frustrating time to shop for anything thanks to the frenetic crowds consumed by retail madness and taking pictures with Santa* period.

It’s just that the colour red really IS everywhere – in store displays, shopping centers, the street, including our respective homes , so we decided that red is our fashion pick of the week. Yay! This is our take on wearing red during the holidays season.

BeFunky_null_1.jpgCarmen’s outfit: Asos top, skirt from Chatuchak market in Bangkok, Isabel Marant shoes, Zara jacket and Chanel handbag. As for accessories, well Carmen painted her nails in a funky Christmas pattern (see picture further drown below).

BeFunky_IMG_1366.jpg IMG_1261Oh and red lips is also considered fashion accessory by the way.


Here’s Natasha’s outfit details: Mango brocade top, Zara faux leather black pants (which every girl should have in their closet by the way! It’s surprisingly versatile and add a lot of pizzaz to your outfit), Ferragamo laser-cut ballerina flats, Chanel black clutch, Viktor & Rolf glasses, and Carolina Herrera bracelet.


The fact that red and black is a winning combo is no surprise. It’s as classic as black and white, only with a bit more oomph and sass put into it. Don’t be scared to mix leather with feminine texture or shape such as the A-line skirt that Carmen wore or the brocade top that Natasha threw on.

There you have it. Happy Christmas shopping, darling readers!


Carmen and Natasha

C&N ♥ Hermes Bags

First of all, can we start by drawing your attention to our new blog logo and header? Isn’t it gorgeous? Yay! We’re super happy with it because it really encapsulates us – Carmen and Natasha – and our demographic location! We’ve been meaning to do it for a while, so we’re super happy to have finally done it.

Secondly, we’re starting a new ‘series’ of blog posts called ‘C&N loves’ – which involves our top fashion pick of the week (okay it may not happen every week, lets be realistic!). The whole idea is Carmen wears that particular fashion pick in Hong Kong and Natasha does the same in Singapore. So this blog post is the first of such series!

Our pick for this post is our ever reliable Hermes bag. And no, not the Birkin or the Kelly. There’s time for everything, and it’s certainly not time for us to carry those lust-worthy bags.  Natasha’s go-to bag is her Hermes Evelyn bag in Jaipur and for Carmen, it’s her Hermes Garden Party bag in Etope. This bag goes with a lot of outfits and can fit a lot of things (and trust us when we say we always have heaps of junk that we dump in our handbags!).

So this is how Natasha’s outfit pairing:IMG_4590

Natasha can’t believe her luck when she saw the wedges at Nine West because the color was exactly identical with her bag!!!


And this is Carmen’s outfit combo:


Carmen is in love with her awesome Alexander McQueen for Puma pumps! Not only are they comfy, but they’re surprisingly versatile.

BeFunky_IMG_1179.jpgSo there you have it, our darling readers. Stay tuned for the next ‘C&N loves’ post :)





It was Carmen’s first time at Clockenflap (THE music festival in Hong Kong) – and what a heady one it was! A myriad of music, art, fashion, food, and did anyone else see the robots that danced to the UK TV theme show The Apprentice? I bet some of those robots are more clever than some of the contestants… but moving on.

The focus of this blog is more tilted towards fashion, so let’s talk about that. The overwhelming theme of festival fashion is flannel shirts and Clockenflap this year did not disappoint… HOWEVER there were some people that really went all out with their fashion, and here are the faves;

BeFunky_null_4.jpg BeFunky_IMG_1312.jpg BeFunky_null_1.jpg BeFunky_null_122.jpg BeFunky_null_126.jpg BeFunky_IMG_1328.jpg BeFunky_IMG_1333.jpg


Fashion stalls were also rocking on the day. 

Probably the coolest t-shirt of all time below.


And then the coolest shoes! These were hand drawn and limited edition of Nike Air’s – Carmen’s absolute favourite fashion pick.

You could also get fresh flower hairbands at the festival where they mixed real and fake flowers to create creative headpieces! BeFunky_null_94.jpg

An ingenious fashion accessory below – these garters contain sneaky pockets to stash your valuables which are great for those who travel, go clubbing or are festival goers and just wanna dance freely!
BeFunky_IMG_1301.jpgSuper lightweight (and funky) sunglasses:

What did Carmen wear? Well she changed THREE TIMES in the morning thanks to the weather being all cray cray (it went from sunny to cloudy to argh nooo it’s not going to rain is it or is it?!)

First outfit change: 

Second outfit change – more boho chic:BeFunky_null_389.jpg

Final outfit selected (because it was definitely going to rain): jeans are from C.Wonder, tee from Bangkok and sneaks are McQueen for Puma.

Screen Shot 2014-12-02 at 1.01.16 PM Screen Shot 2014-12-02 at 1.02.04 PM

Patricia Rox Rocks!

image-11We’re always super excited when a new brand launches in Singapore, because it means we can be part of its journey from the very beginning and it’s amazing how much the fashion landscape in this island has changed in the past few years! When Natasha received an invitation to attend the Singapore launch of Patricia Rox, she was beside herself (especially after taking a peek at the website and semi-stalking her collection on Instagram). The event not only commemorated the launch of the Patricia Rox brand, but it also showcased the Spring/Summer 2015 The Fantasy Capsule, which is full of amazeballs exotic, intricate prints and bright bold colors, which we both LOVE! Check out this gorgeous scarf below – the vividness of the color on silk is just simply breathtaking! IMG_8803.PNGNatasha had the honor of chatting to Patricia Haywood, the genius behind the Patricia Rox brand and found out that she lived in Jakarta for four years (which is where Natasha is originally from). She’s a global citizen through and through and lived in Paris, London, Scotland, Toronto, Barbados, British Virgin Islands, Uganda, Indonesia and Singapore. Another surprising fact about Patricia is that she used to be a fashion lawyer – seriously, she must’ve been one of the hottest lawyers around! We’re just super glad she made the quantum leap from being a lawyer to a super talented fashion designer instead! IMG_8845 IMG_8818.JPG Her collection, the Fantasy Capsule, is everything about Patricia’s whimsical childhood fantasies. And fantasies they must have been! Natasha was in awe with the silk kaftan style dresses with floral-inspired prints, vibrant and circus-inspired scarves, and buffalo horn and enamel jewelry (check out the picture below). Her design is effortlessly chic, and also versatile for resort, traveling or fancy cocktail parties (which makes us want to throw a garden party just to have an excuse to wear her dress). image image-3This one below is Natasha’s favorite! The turqoise color with tasteful embellishment around the neckline really makes the dress standout. Dress it down with wedges or take it up a notch with a pair of killer strappy Jimmy Choos. IMG_8844 IMG_8805.PNGEach print is a labor of love and painstakingly hand drawn by an artist, with some prints taking 200-300 hours to draw! image-2 We are also loving her gorge silk scarves and there’s a story behind every print, which you can find out from her website. The one below was produced in a family-run silk mill in Como. Come on, how beautiful are the colors and the paisley-inspired print! Currently, her scarves are available at gnossem, the Singapore online store, but you can also find her collection in Bali’s Aman resorts and shopzaozao in Hong Kong.IMG_8816.JPG IMG_8804.PNG IMG_8801.PNG IMG_8800.PNG IMG_8802.PNG IMG_8846 Rumor has it there’s a plan for the opening of her first flagship store on the shore, but hey we’re just super glad Patricia followed her passion which led her to this beautiful Fantasy Capsule!

Last night at Matches fashion popup event in HK: D&G, Peter Pilotto & more!


IMG_1032The Matches fashion event held at Duddells Hong Kong last night was a fashionista’s dream come true. Plenty of designer niche labels were on display across womenswear, menswear, high end jewellery, handbags and arguably the most important category…shoes.

For those who don’t know about Matches, they are a UK luxury fashion retailer who curate a range of talented designers (famous and emerging) from across the globe. They are truly loved by fashionistas whom appreciate the brand’s ability to spot talented emerging designers, and are incredibly approachable when it comes to talking about fashion (unlike SO many other brands out there!). In other words, they really aren’t up their own a**.


The other good news is they ship worldwide from their online store, and held their first pop up event in Hong Kong last night! Here are some of Carmen’s top picks from the event:

Talitha floral embroidered kimono: 

IMG_0997Malone Souliers shoes – which according to Matches, will be the next Louboutins! They are such works of art! IMG_0998


Peter Pilotto dress: We just love the combination of colour blocking, geometric design and prints all in one! IMG_1001 Chrissie Morris shoes: you just KNOW these would be super comfortable! We would team the heels on the right with a simple white pencil skirt. 

Toga Pulla & Anya Hindmarch:  Toga Pulla was founded by former costume designer and stylist, Yasuko Furuta. IMG_1006

Mansur Gavriel bag: Simplicity in fashion = love. IMG_1007

Gripoix jewellery: The French atelier has been creating luxury costume jewellery since 1868, they are one of (if not THE) oldest in the trade. Stunningly beautiful pieces. IMG_1008


Rochas gold tassle fringe shoes with pink contrasting trim:IMG_1010

High end jewellery from Monique Pean and Dina Kamal: Carmen really loves the bracelet on the far left below. IMG_1011

Crystal embellished ring by Maison Martin Margiela:IMG_1013

Alison Lou jewellery: Heart rings! 
IMG_1017 IMG_1018

THE coolest clutches ever below by Sarah’s bag (back and right with the cars) and Les Petits Joueurs (front and left with the smile and peace sign):IMG_1019Charlotte Olympia “I am a fan!” bag: love the name and love the bagIMG_1021

Dolce & Gabbana shoes: oh gosh where do we start with this? These shoes are art and if we see anyone wearing these we may tackle them for wearing such beauties (but follow that by a hug for their impressive taste in shoes):IMG_1023

Valentino clutch and shoes: we’ve seen these everywhere in Asia but doesn’t mean we are sick of seeing it….IMG_1024

Karl Lagerfield clutch by Yazbukey: IMG_1025

Givenchy high top shoes: O M G Carmen wanted to stop everyone in their tracks to look at these but managed to calm herself down (eventually):IMG_1026Palm tree clutch by Edie Parker: loving the mother of pearl! IMG_1036

Dolce & Gabbana floral skirt: This brand is simply killing it right now (if you love florals!)IMG_1037

Strapless dress by Osman: TRUST US – this dress would look a million bucks when worn.IMG_1040Love the simplicity of this J.W.Anderson white shirt dress below. IMG_1043 One of THE standouts of the night, this skirt by Stella Jean. IMG_1046

THIS swimwear by Paolita: IMG_1048

There you have it! You can shop online at matchesfashion.com. If you saw any pieces above that aren’t on the website, we would recommend emailing the Matches fashion crew – they were super friendly to Carmen last night so fingers crossed they get back to you!






Vintage fashion, classic cars and more in Hong Kong!

Carmen recently attended the Hong Kong Classic Car and Vintage festival – and it was amazing!

Hair and makeup were provided free of charge by the Paul Gerrard salon – so here is the modern day beehive that Carmen rocked! (Lots of backcombing required)



And the top fashion pick on the day? This awesome new brand called DOLL DIZZY that creates corporate friendly dresses and retro skirts that can be worn over the dresses for a fun look from day to night (not to mention the skirts are reversible so you have THREE different looks to play around with!).



Loved all the below outfits – how very glam! Notice the two flared skirts below are actually wrapped over dresses – so clever! FullSizeRender-1 IMG_0889 Absolutely in love with the dizzy girls – their look is a breath of fresh air!



And here is Lily the makeup artist from the Paul Gerrard team (we LOVE her look!): IMG_0843And some vintage accessories also spotted on the day:

IMG_0895 IMG_0890

Shoes below from Bang Bang! Vintage store in HK. Carmen wished the red shoes below were in her size! IMG_0888

These NORDIC watches below will soon be sold in PMQ – can’t wait to check out their store!IMG_0877

Vintage earrings galore!

Really wish there was more time allocated to shopping on the day – aren’t these shoes below just so damn fun?!

Sweet clasp bracelets spotted too – the red rose one was just so elegant -we could imagine rocking it with a cheongsam! IMG_0880Oh yeah…. there were cars too! For those car nuts – here are some of Carmen’s favourites! IMG_0925 IMG_0866 IMG_0856



There was certainly something for everyone at this event (foodies also had a great time with Butcher’s club and Fatty crab dishing out tasty nosh too!). Already looking forward to next year’s event!






More new shops in Seminyak!

Yes, we did a comprehensive ‘guide’ to shopping in Seminyak a while back (read the article here) , but Seminyak has so many nooks and crannies so we always find new cute little shops that we’re dying to share with you!

The clothes below are from Uma and Leopold, definitely NOT a new store, as a matter of fact Uma and Leopold has a few outlets scattered throughout Seminyak just like Magali Pascal. This particular store is located right near to Bambu Restaurant (an awesome newish Indonesian Restaurant, and if you haven’t tried it you absolutely MUST! Book early, they get full super quickly).

Pricewise, not cheap (then again, what is cheap in Bali nowadays?!) but also not crazy expensive. It ranges from SGD60-350, but the material is delicious and the bead work is amaze balls on some of the dresses!







One day, after a two-hour massage down the road, Natasha strolled down one of the alleys right next to Seminyak Square and found a whole lot of new shops that kinda just magically appeared as they often do in Bali. Her new favorite shop is called ‘my cup of love’, which sells many many pretty and very reasonably priced things. Think homeward – pretty plates, cups, aprons, to lots and lots of cute jewelry, knick knacks, etc. etc. We’ll let the pictures speak for the themselves!








How gorgeous are these rings!! And they’re only about SGD25 each! They come in silver and gold.



Natasha decided to buy a ‘super mama’ rings, which she wears on one of those challenging days chasing her active toddler.




We love these bracelets below – oh and did we mention that they’re SGD7 each? Take them off before you jump in the shower, because otherwise the glue on the clasp kinda doesn’t hold it together.





There’s another cute store right next to ‘My cup of love’ called ‘Kiosk’. The clothes on the rack are super cute and they have both men and women clothes. Natasha spotted a few cute playsuits and camisoles with print she hasn’t really seen in other stores in Seminyak. Pricewise, very affordable starting from SGD50 to about SGD100.






So there you have it! Next time you go on a little getaway to Bali, make sure you check these stores out. You won’t be sorry.


Carmen and Natasha

Hipsters Rejoice! Urban Outfitters is now in Hong Kong


IMG_0512Carmen went to the Urban Outfitters launch party in Hong Kong a few weeks ago (check out DJ Miss Yellow spotted above who spun the MOST WICKED tunes ever and is one of Asia’s most in demand female DJ’s!!). We really love the Urban Outfitter’s brand, as they not only draw inspiration from the 50’s “preppy” style,  60’s hippy era (think loud prints, floaty dresses) and 70’s era (fringes on EVERYTHING which was spotted at London fashion week too) BUT they also include pieces that have such a modern twist on all of the above.


And in true fashion style, they are known as a brand that creates some serious “WTF” pieces, but we love that they take risks and steer away from the norm.

Carmen decided to wear a MINK PINK dress (one of the labels that is available at Urban Outfitters). The dress is paired with shoes from Kate Spade/ Keds collaboration.


Tthe fashion bloggers, models and other socialites attending the launch party did NOT disappoint, with some amazingly unique and personalised outfits.



Mesh anywhere + black = urban outfitter’s dream!IMG_0466

Moschino alert! Spongebob squarepants clutch spotted below. IMG_0468


Loved the red floral coat spotted below. IMG_0517

IMG_0529 IMG_0523 IMG_0513

The clothes

Reasonably priced (most of the price tags seemed to be in the range of $50- 200USD. As mentioned previously you can really see many different styles below so pick whatever you feel comfortable with and roll with it!









IMG_0486 IMG_0524


The fun accessories:

Say whaaaat – Alexa Chung’s “it” book! Awesome.


These hip flasks are super hipster but we are loving them – our favourite is the one in the middle. IMG_0477

Chunky, urban jewellery was available – this necklace below was a fave.

Great gift guide alert below! For those who love sneaks (Carmen is becoming OBSESSED) this book below is the perfect Christmas gift (hint hint). IMG_0488

Some fun homewares can also be found – fun pillow alert! Around $40usd from memory. IMG_0489

Oh yes more hip flasks – I DON’T GET DRUNK, I GET AWESOME should be printed on everything….IMG_0490

Looking for a gift for a man who has everything? Get him these awesome socks – especially the dollar bill ones!! IMG_0492

For those who would prefer to drink *ahem* non alcoholic beverages such as water (or let’s face it, an awesome cocktail) these drink carriers below are for you!  IMG_0493

Some more jewellery spotted…IMG_0508

Nail polishes galore can also be found! $80hkd each (around $14sgd each) in some super fab colours. Sick of shiny happy colours? Grab the matte top coat to look uber urban. Screen Shot 2014-11-07 at 10.17.31 AMBeige shoes below are an awesome twist on boring pumps and the black bag below is an absolute classic (you simply couldn’t go wrong with anything in the below pic). 
Urban Outfitters:
93 Queensway Plaza Hong Kong










Channeling our inner Carrie Bradshaw in Asos skirt

You know how some days you wake up and you say to yourself “I’m going to channel my inner Carrie Bradshaw today!” – and no, we don’t mean the tutu-wearing Carrie, or the bird-feather-on-your-hair Carrie (although that’s cool if you want to dress that way, we’re not judging!). We mean the floral-skirt-and-pretty-yet-killer-stiletto kinda Carrie. Well, that’s how Natasha felt like today.

Immediately her eyes fell on her gorge Asos skirt that she bought a few months ago – for a mere SGD40! We love scouring for awesome beauty and fashion deals online, who doesn’t?! Oh, speaking of online deals, we must share this little secret with you – and trust us, we were contemplating on whether or not to let you in on our secret. We recently discovered amazeballs fashion and beauty items on CupoNation. We won’t say much because it will just spoil the fun, so just have a look yourself!



So, back to Carrie Bradshaw. Natasha decided to combine the skirt with the ever-so-reliable white shirt. A girl can never have too many white shirts (and jeans, shoes, bags, accessories, etc. etc. etc.). She chose her Malene Birger shirt, and her gorge brocade Schutz stilettos with jade embellishments on it (while silently chanting, please don’t rain, please don’t rain!). And a YSL clutch bag seemed like a good idea to complete the look. Can you please take a second to admire the beautiful shape of the Schutz heels? *collective sigh*


By the way, ballerina flats would’ve been just as cute – and way more comfortable, too. And to make the look more casual, put on a white t-shirt and add a wide belt to cinch the waist. Oh and a statement necklace would look amazing with the t-shirt. 



Looking for gift ideas? The Kase at ION is a good place to start.


Every year Carmen and Natasha always aspire to be organized Christmas shoppers. “Must not procrastinate, must beat the Christmas rush, must go Christmas shopping early” – we chant the same mantra every year, but of course always fail to actually execute our grand plan.

Soooo this year, we’re on the hunt to find great gift ideas for our loved ones. We were thrilled when we found The Kase, a French international mobile phone and tablet accessories brand that was launched in 2012.

It’s a small store located at B2 of ION Orchard, but it really packs a punch. Natasha was there for nearly an hour looking at all the case options – there’s definitely no shortage of options! Pricewise, really reasonable, depending on whether you want to get a customized case or not. The ones for iPhone 6 are SGD49.90, but they’re really worth it if you’re thinking of birthday or Christmas gifts for your BFF or even your sibling. Not only do they get a cool personalized gift, but you get brownie points for being extra thoughtful. Yay!



These are examples of the personalized cases. Pretty cool right? You can put anything on the cover! To do that, all you have to do is send a picture of your choice to the Kase’s email address and they will do a mock-up on the computer screen for you. And once you’re happy with the way it looks, all they have to do is digitally print it on. The whole process takes about 10-20 minutes, so you can even do it during your lunch break.



Natasha is loving the cute prints below. They would make a pretty cool fashion accessory!


Here are some of Natasha’s favorite designs:IMG_5444.PNG








We don’t know about you, our darling readers, but we think our SECOND best (the first being our loved ones of course!) companion (our mobile phones) – deserve to be dressed up once in a while. Perfect for the holiday season, we reckon (did someone say office Christmas party or New Year’s soiree?).


Oh, the Kase also has cases for iPads. Natasha likes this one in particular :)


So after spending an hour in the shop, Natasha finally walked out with two cases, one for her and one for Carmen who’s spending a bit of time in Hong Kong these days.


Ta-daaaa! Here’s what she bought. A personalized case with a picture of Natasha and her cheeky monkey of a daughter and a Survive Asia case, which has Carmen’s company logo on it. Oh yes, we forgot to mention that the personalized cases also make an awesome marketing tool for those business owners out there!


The Kase:

ION ORCHARD B2-27 (next to H&M)
2 Orchard Turn
238801 Singapore






Melbourne Cup Day = Fashion, Flemington, Field, Fun

We’re SUPER excited that Melbourne Cup – the race that stops a nation (it literally does, so much so that Aussies get a public holiday out of it) – is just around the corner!! Having lived in Melbourne for over ten years, Natasha is used to all the hype and buzz approaching one of the biggest fashion events in Australia and Carmen and Natasha can’t wait to see the ladies all dressed up and gents looking super suave and dapper :).

Even though it’s called Melbourne Cup Day (which falls on 4th November this year), let’s not forget that the fun actually begins today – which is Darby Day, the day for classic elegance, where everyone wears nothing but black and white (and it’s considered THE must-attend event), followed by Melbourne Cup Day on Tuesday, then Oaks Day on Thursday or also known as Ladies Day, where ladies get to show off their own style and creativity.

Even though we both have been away from Australia for some time now, we still make a point to celebrate Melbourne Cup Day wherever we are (even though Carmen is originally a Sydney girl, there’s no rivalry between us, because we both agree Melbourne is the fashion capital of Australia, contrary to what people say. Haha!)

So let’s start with a bit of history behind this special day. It all began in 1962 when the Victoria Racing Club’s (VRC) Fashions on the Field competition was born. The contest was meant to ‘woo more women to the races’ and boy did it woo the women alright! Check out these pictures if you don’t believe us! (pictures taken from the VRC website)


The Age of Fashion photographic








Pretty awesome right??

So you can imagine how thrilled we were when the Australian and New Zealand Association (ANZA) asked if we wanted to be on the cover of their magazine’s Melbourne Cup Day edition.

We started by getting our hair done at The Big Blow at Cluny court by the lovely and talented Ellie, and then off we went on our mini road trip to the Singapore Turf Club on what felt like a forty-degree sunny day. Sigh, the things we do for fashion!

First the dresses, by the Australian brand Cameo the Label, which were from this gorgeous shop on Amoy Street called Willow and Huxley and the beautiful Singapore made hats by Hats Off. Natasha chose her Valentino Rockstuds in patent red, while Carmen chose the super killer heels by Schutz. If you never had the chance to walk on lush grass in stilettos, let us tell you that it is NOT easy.




We had such a blast at the photo shoot, despite the heat! After all, what girl doesn’t get excited to wear pretty hats and dresses!









So there you have it, darling readers! We hope you learned a thing or two about  Melbourne Cup and enjoyed the pics :)


Carmen and Natasha



In love with Henri Charpentier’s shade of pink

First of all, can we start this blog post by declaring our love for this shade of pink, which is why we decided to do a ‘shoefie’ (read: shoe selfie) on the pink carpet. Red carpet is too ordinary for Carmen and Natasha pink is more unique :) Natasha is loving her new shoes that she found at Marks and Spencer for… wait for it…. SGD50 (the original price was SGD110). Carmen is equally in love with her smoking hot red patent studded Prada sandals from the recent La Prendo sale. IMG_5152.JPGWhen we heard that the French-inspired Japanese Patisserie is opening its doors at Dempsey, we just had to check it out. After all, who wouldn’t be excited by the words ‘Japanese’ ‘French’ and ‘Patisserie’ all in the same sentence?!!? Henri Charpentier is very fancy shmancy with all the frills, but unfortunately not even the Japanese staff and our own Crepe Suzette station can impress us (did we mention the crepe suzette costs SGD22?). The service was very average (to put things mildly) and there was also no music when we went there, so the room was filled with this canteen-like noise of people chit chatting. The decor was beautiful though, and the fact that the cafe overlooks the lush greenery helps create the tranquil feel to the place. IMG_5178.JPGHere’s a picture of our $22 Crepe Suzette! IMG_5195.JPGWe must admit that Henri Charpentier’s financiers and madeleines are too die for! They literally melt in your mouth. God bless those happy Hokkaido cows! They sure produce the yummiest butter and milk.IMG_5528.JPGEnough about the restaurant review – which this post was not intended to be. Let’s focus on Carmen and Natasha’s outfit. Let’s face it, black and white and red is definitely a winning combo. It’s classic, but far from boring. And of course the red Prada sandals polish off the look beautifully.IMG_5428.PNGHow cool does the messy bun look on Carmen? A bit of attitude and personality is always a good addition to your swag. IMG_5430.PNG IMG_5432.PNG We swear we did not intentionally color coordinate our outfits! Great minds think alike, we’d say. :) Natasha wore her red dress and completed the look with her beloved fuchsia Saint Laurent mini duffel bag and her Marks and Spencer shoes. Oh and Kate Spade bracelet plus Zara sunnies. IMG_5436.PNG IMG_5433-0.PNGThe green wall provides a good backdrop for our selfies. Yes, once in a while we can’t help but do fun selflies. IMG_5438.PNGAnd we’re always super grateful when we find a total stranger to take a decent pic of us. IMG_5435-0.PNG

Orly, OPI, China Glaze for under S$10!

Nothing excites us more than cheap nail polish! Okay, that’s kinda a lie. We get excited about good shoe sale, a new talented local designer, awesome coffee, and a great burger – not exactly in that order (burgers are right up there). We contemplated on not publishing this post. It has been sitting in our draft folder for a loooooooong time. Why you ask? Because this hidden gem is almost too good to share, but being the lovely and generous girls that we are, we decided to let you in on this nail polish junkie’s dream. Let the pictures speak for themselves, shall we? IMG_0100.PNG IMG_0102.PNG IMG_0103.PNG The shop also has other nail ‘accessories’ and goodies like manicure tools and stickers. IMG_0105.PNG IMG_0104.PNG IMG_0106.PNG So where is this hidden gem you wonder? Well, it’s at the Scape building right next to Mandarin Orchard hotel. It’s on the ground floor, and it’s literally tucked away in a corner. It’s a bit hard to explain, but basically just go past the little foodcourt and you’ll be able to see it. And we don’t really know the name of the shop but I guess it’s all part of the mystery, right? Good luck finding it, but once you do, it sure is worth it!

MIKIMOTO and Hello Kitty make a surprisingly compatible duo!

Natasha, Guest

Natasha was recently invited to MIKIMOTO’s first anniversary celebration of their store at The Shoppes At Marina Bay Sands flagship store, as well as its launch of MIKIMOTO X Hello Kitty Collection. For those of you who are unfamiliar with this Japanese brand, MIKIMOTO is globally renowned as “the King of Pearls” and has been around since 1893!

When we got the invitation, we were super intrigued because we’re familiar with MIKIMOTO’s elegant design and exquisite craftsmanship and because we are not big Hello Kitty fans, we were even more curious to see how the collaboration turns out. Carmen was traveling to Hong Kong, so Natasha brought her gorgeous friend, Gang, who was as excited as she was to see the collection.

Before we show you the Hello Kitty collection, here are a few pictures of MIKIMOTO’s more classic collection. And come on, what girl doesn’t like a beautiful pearl necklace – it’s timeless, classic, elegant and simply gorgeous.

This one is Natasha’s favorite piece! It’s simple, yet striking. It’s eye-catching without being overpowering. LOVE!!!!!!!

Peafowl 4

Peafowl 2

The choker below is part of MIKIMOTO’s gothic collection. Again, the craftsmanship is just stunning. We probably prefer to combine it with a simpler pair of earrings and let the necklace steal the show. The chandelier earrings were equally gorgeous and can definitely be a show stopper in itself.

Gothic 3 Golden Illusion 1

Okay so let’s move on to the Hello Kitty collection. The one below is oh-so-damn-beautiful! The multi-tiered string of pearls is so demure and the subtle Hello Kitty face makes it cute without being too cutesy.

MIKIMOTO x Hello Kitty High Jewellery 9

The hair piece below and the choker necklace are definitely more on the fun and youthful side. We think the simple updo is perfect for this hair piece. A cute wavy bob can also look equally amazeballs with this clip. We probably wouldn’t wear both pieces together, but they sure look good on the model!

MIKIMOTO x Hello Kitty High Jewellery 5

Models Finale 5

Okay, so check out this tiara (can you spot Hello Kitty at the center of the love heart??). This has got to be the most beautiful tiara Natasha has ever seen. It’s tasteful and the combination of the pearl, diamonds and ruby is just perfectly balanced. Hello Kitty never looked so grown up and elegant.

MIKIMOTO x Hello Kitty High Jewellery 1

The brooch and bracelet below are definitely Natasha’s favorites out of all the Hello Kitty Collection. Inspired by the cherry blossom, Natasha loves the dainty and intricate details on both pieces.

MIKIMOTO x Hello Kitty High Jewellery 4

Here’s a close-up of the pieces. Again, Natasha loves how Hello Kitty’s face is subtly embedded into the design.



 Guest, Natasha

The Japanese have always taken so much pride in their work and their perfection and attention to details never cease to amaze us. And MIKIMOTO showed just that! Whoever thought Hello Kitty could look so grown up – we certainly didn’t but we’re glad MIKIMOTO proved us wrong. :)


 Bay Level, L1-21, The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands